Speech and Occupational Therapy for Patients From Infants To Centurions

We are eager and dedicated to helping our patients who are experiencing a variety of conditions and disorders. We will work with you or your child in one of our offices, in your home by telehealth, or through a hybrid model that embraces both models.

How We Work

Using these four methodologies we structure a therapy program that is unique to each patient. You will never receive a cookie cutter approach to therapy as no two cases are the same. We will, however, pull from our long list of resources to provide each patient with all the tools to be successful.


Since each person responds to therapy and learns differently, we search for the best way to help our clients reach their goals. Using age-appropriate therapy techniques developed over decades of experience, we set our sights on providing our clients with a valuable and rewarding experience.


We employ tried and true assessments so you and your healthcare provider can measure success. Because each client’s assessment outcomes are specific to what is being measured, we take the time to explain the results and applicable treatment plans.


Learning techniques at the clinic is only part of therapy. The client and their support group must be present and assist in daily skills practice to be successful. We provide the client and their supporters with the necessary information to help outside of the clinic.


We partner with various physical, occupational, and speech therapy organizations to provide additional rehabilitation services to clients who may also need physical and/or occupational therapy.

Our speech and Occupational Therapy services cover developmental and medically fragile disorders that include:

Augmentative/alternative communication

Accent reduction





Central auditory processing

Cleft palate

Cognitive deficits

Communication improvements

Dysarthria Fluency disorder (stuttering)

Feeding Therapy

Language disorder (expressive and receptive)

Laryngectomy rehabilitation

Neurogenic Communication Disorder

Orofacial myofunctional disorder

Phonology disorders

Pragmatic (social) disorders

Self-care tasks

Sensory Processing

Speech and language services

Stroke rehabilitation

Swallowing disorders

Traumatic brain injuries


Voice disorders

Other services we offer:

· Learning disabilities therapy

· Parent training

· Social group therapy

· Multilingual therapy in Spanish, Tagalog, and Portuguese

· Gender affirmation therapy in a safe and private environment

What Patients Say About Us


We accept the following insurance groups and patients who do not wish to go through insurance.

· AARP- Medicare Supplement

· ABC Interventions

· Alpha Care

· Anthem Blue Cross of California

· Blue Shield – California / Blue Shield


· Dignity Health Medical Group-Inland Empire

· Easter Seals Southern California

· Health Net

· Imagine Charter Schools

· Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP)

· Inspire Charter School

· Kaiser (Southern California Only) Permanente

· Kaiser (Southern California PAPER)

· Kaiser California Select for Individuals

· Medicare – California (North)

· Medicare – California (South)

· Molina Healthcare of California

· Optum Health (United Health Care)

· PACE Neighborhood Care

· PremierCare IPA

· PrimeCare Medical Network – Corona

· Regal Medical

· San Bernardino Unified SDRC

· Sky Mountain Charter School

· TriWest Healthcare Alliance PC3

· UMR (Part of United Health Care)

· United Health Care

· Vantage Medical Group

Schedule An Appointment

Obtain a referral from your current provider or call our Speech Language Pathology Clinic at 909-824-2899 to schedule an appointment in one of our five Southern California locations in Chula vista, Grand Terrace, Murrieta, Rancho Cucamonga, and Redlands.