Five Oaks Speech Therapy Services remains open at all locations for speech services.

To encourage social distancing and in compliance with current safety guidelines we provide in-person therapy and teletherapy with safety restrictions at all locations.

Our promise is to keep our patients and caregivers safe while continuing to provide quality and necessary therapy services. To accomplish this, we have changed the way we provide care both at our clinic and through telehealth. If you wish to continue receiving therapy services through telehealth you can keep you regularly scheduled therapy time.


We know you might still have concerns about returning to our physical clinic. Rest assured, we have implemented the following safeguards to minimize the exposure related to COVID-19 for our patients, caregivers and staff:

  1. Employees and parents will be asked to wear a mask and/or face shield. Currently, we recommend face masks for many of the patients we serve. Each caregiver may decide for themselves if a mask can be tolerated, however, a mask is not required to receive pediatric services.  
  2. Temperature checks and a short health questionnaire for patients and employees may be conducted. If anyone in your family has been ill, please call and re-schedule the appointment.
  3. We are providing the use of hand sanitizer to everyone entering our clinics.
  4. Our waiting room will remain closed. We will allow only one caregiver per patient visit into the clinic.
  5. Caregivers may wait as follows:
    • Leave the patient with us and return to your vehicle for the duration of the therapy visit. Children will be returned to their vehicle by the treating therapist.
    • Stay in the therapy session or designated area (only one caregiver per session).
  6. Toys utilized during therapy sessions will be kept to a minimum. Toys will be sanitized before reuse. Fabric toys, play dough, sensory bins and other difficult to clean objects will not be used.
  7. Employees will sanitize their therapy room and/or workstation between each session.


Five Oaks Speech Therapy Services is here to support you and your family and as COVID-19 recommendations change we will continue to update our procedures to make sure we are delivering therapy with the upmost caution.

As small business owners we thank you for working with us to provide services through teletherapy and improving our community. We will continue to answer your questions through our phone lines and through email ( Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Thank you so much for your cooperation during these unprecedented times.

Rene L. Robles, M.S., CCC-SLP

Cristina Ramos, M.S., CCC-SLP